1. This is GREAT. Read up, ladies.


    In Malia’s last post (a good rant-read, by the way), she touched on the fact that sometimes going to bars and having guys buy drinks for you - a hard life, I know - is kind of stressful. That is, what are the expectations when a guy buys you a drink?

    Are you married?

    Do you have to exclusively talk to him the rest of the night?


    Above is a lil infographic I drew up of what I’ve found to be proper bar etiquette.


    First off - Guys buy girls drinks at bars because they want to talk to them. Not because they want to watch that girl walk away and drink it with her giggling group of girlfriends.

    Don’t think you can even stand to talk to a guy for a few minutes? Politely decline and let him buy someone else a drink. Don’t be a grab & go bitch.

    Think a guy might be interesting but not a whole pint’s worth of interesting? Get a cocktail; you can drink it faster, and if by the bottom of the rocks glass he’s still boring, you don’t have to get another.

    Feel the desperate need to get out of a dead conversation? “Going to the restroom” is the perfect out.

    And on that note,
    I better be able to find a great Pint Night in Richmond…


  2. I tasted wine for a vineyard called Spanish Vines. You should like the video (and make me look like I have friends) on Facebook!

    Hmm, maybe the P in PGL stands for Pretention? 


  3. Inside the tea house

  4. In Japan, there are vending machines on every single street. Everywhere. Even small towns. And their drinks are awesome—even apple juice, which can be less than exciting, is brighter and crisper in Japan. I don’t know what they do, but I miss their drinks immensely.

  5. Chocolat! (hey, good movie)

  6. Belgian beer! The best. Arguably.

  7. Another cappuccino? Yes, but this time from Galway, Ireland.

  8. I’m going to post some of the better photos I took while abroad last year that I never did. This was my first cappuccino from the bar near my school, LdM, in Rome. Be prepared to see a bunch of food…