1. interracialinterfaithlove:

    My two best friends and I traveled around Istanbul last month. It was only then I realized that our friendship is ‘interracial’ too.  Nobody was ever quite sure where we are from, but our favorite guesses were Arab, Uzbeki, and Brazilian (respectively).  Interracial relationships aren’t just for boys :D

    Interracial friendships are a thing fo sho.

  2. Manhattan Bridge (Taken with Cinemagram)

  3. Foggy (Taken with Cinemagram)

  4. Charleston (Taken with Cinemagram)

  5. My roommate’s got back. -Malia (Taken with Cinemagram)

  6. Ring game (Taken with Cinemagram)

  7. Falling (Taken with Cinemagram)

  8. postgradlife:

    I tweeted this sometime this week, and the social media editor at Cosmo retweeted it. Last night, I was scrolling through my tweets and I noticed someone had mentioned my handle in a round-up for the Huffington Post and it turns out that my tweet was picked to be a Best Tweet of the Week for Women. It’s pretty wild—it’s like me and some other people and then Ari Graynor, Lena Dunham, Whitney Cummings, etc etc etc. Anyway, check it out here! So fun :)


  9. Most awesome pick-up line ever.


    One of several assignments for my Creative Thinking class this week was to design a business card (beyond the standard 2.5x3 cardstock format) that expresses my personal brand.

    Because of my love for craft beers and good conversation, I decided to go with a series of coasters. Each would invite the client out for a drink, but the subject would change. 

    Let’s get a drink and talk about type.
    Let’s get a drink and talk about color.
    Let’s get a drink and talk about photography.
    Let’s get a drink and talk about design.
    Let’s get a drink and talk about concepts.

    Thinking about actually getting these made.

    Would you get a drink with me?


  10. When I was 10, my family went to a conference celebrating the birthday of my dad’s advisor at MIT. I wrote his advisor this poem (just because at 10, I took any occasion ever to write a poem) and read it at his birthday dinner in front of his friends and colleagues and a bunch of Nobel Peace Prize winners for physics. 

    I was a little weirdo. Someday, I’ll scrounge up “Ode to Martha Stewart” for your reading pleasures…it’s lost somewhere in the annals of NPR in South Carolina (oops! almost wrote anal…my b). Here’s the text for this poem in case you can’t decipher my elementary-school scribble:

    Danny Kleitman

    He has an antiques and a house

    Got three children and a spouse.

    Get the hose and water the lawn

    Oh, please pass the Mexican flan.

    He’s got a movie, all for him

    He eats Thai food till he’s slim.

    He’s got this inkwell of a man eating turkey

    And he’s got the biggest brain cells, that ain’t no beef jerky.

    He has this wheel, that hits ‘79

    It seems like each and every time.

    Sharon is his spunky wife

    He’s had her for part of his life.

    Sharon keeps him on the line

    (Hey, you know this is a rhyme!)

    So, we’re here to celebrate his birthday today,

    I’m sorry for the people who had to pay!

    By Malia Griggs